Leg Zero: Rolex Fastnet Race preview. B-roll of the fleet as they prepare for their first off shore race



Rolex Fastnet Race preview. B-roll of the fleet as they prepare for their first off shore race
00:00 Sequence of crew member on Dongfeng working on a winch
00:14 CU of boat bow with Volvo Ocean Race logo over boats in port on background
00:21 CU of Landy Cowes Week flag and the boats in the port
00:35 Crew member working on Inmarsat station, flags and crews at work
00:52 AkzoNobel and fleet berthed, Crew member arriving at the port
01:03 Details of Mapfre and Team Brunel berthed
01:08 Vestas 11th Hour crew working onboard
01:12 Wide shot of berthed Mapfre with crew, CU of Mapfre crew working onboard
01:24 Vestas 11th Hour crew member near the helm, Detail of Inmarsat station
01:37 Wide shot of crew onboard chatting
01:42 Team Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag walking on berth
01:47 Tilt up of Mapfre berthed
01:50 Aerial shots of Mapfre, Dongfeng and Brunel, AkzoNobel, Turn the Tide on Plastic, AkzoNobel
02:52 aerial shot of AkzoNobel from front
02:59 aerial shot of Turn the Tide on Plastic and Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag
03:04 aerial shot of Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag
03:11 onboard shots of Vestas racing with other boats Mapfre and Brunel
03:20 onboard shots of AkzoNobel hit by waves
03:27 onboard shots of AkzoNobel as crew members work on grinds
03:31 onboard shots of Team Brunel hit by waves
03:52 onboard shots of Mapfre hit by waves
03:59 CU of crew member working on Mapfre
04:03 wide shot as Mapfre passes the finish line and onboard shots of crew celebrating
04:22 onboard shots of Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag crew sailing
04:24 sequence of onboard shots of Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag bow hit by waves
04:31 ENDS
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