Leg Zero: Around the Island Race - Actor James Norton joined Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag in Round the Island race




02 Aug 2017

British actor James Norton joined Volvo Ocean Race Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag in wet and wild Round the Island race. Rough weather conditions saw the Volvo Ocean 65 speed machine propelled round the Isle of Wight narrowly missing out on breaking the world record of the fastest time around the island.
0.00 Norton climbing onboard SHK from rib, soundbite
0.21 Norton shaking hands with David Witt and crew
0.31 Norton interviewed and directed by David Witt to train on grinders
1.13 extreme CU of JN as he grinds
1.21 Norton’s soundbite
1.31 Norton and David Witt chatting
1.45 Norton at the stays in the wind commenting
2.05 Norton at the stays in the wind
2.12 Norton below deck exploring and commenting
3.20 Norton working below deck
3.36 Norton at the helm and David Witt checking helping out
4.09 Norton at the helm
4.12 Wider shot of Norton at the helm and other crew members
4.18 Norton doing OK sign
4.22 Norton's interview
5.17 ENDS
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